Flow Tech Demo Lab

The Exhaust Side of Flow Tech’s Demo Lab

Our Demo Lab is a working example of the HVAC equipment and systems we provide showcased in one complete system. You may be asking yourself what does that mean and what equipment is actually featured? We recommend you schedule a tour to see firsthand but in the meantime find out by viewing today’s post.

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MKP fans

M.K. Plastics Direct Drive Fan Arrangements

One of our ongoing missions is to educate mechanical engineers and design professionals about our products and engineered systems. Part of the Flow Tech advantage is that we, along with our manufacturers, help develop HVAC solutions that are the most appropriate and energy-efficient for the application. Facilitating lunch and learns, exhibiting at trade shows and one-on-one meetings are all some of the ways we provide education and recommendations. More recently we’ve begun to utilize our blog for educational/design recommendation posts as well. M.K. Plastics (MKP), our corrosion-resistant exhaust system manufacturer, periodically releases technical articles to us that feature similar design recommendations. Today’s post comes from their latest technical article which discusses designing direct drive fan arrangements…

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