Coronavirus (COVID-19)

UV-C Germicidal Technologies’ Effectiveness Against COVID-19

Ultra-violet (UV) light provides high-energy germicidal solutions against mold, bacteria, viruses and other microbial growth. The use of UV light as a germicidal application within a building’s HVAC system has been an accepted solution and growing in popularity over the past couple decades. The same technology can be used to disinfect hospital/patient rooms and personal protective equipment against COVID-19.

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Steril-Aire Delivers High Output Ultraviolet Germicidal Solutions for Airports

#TBT: The following video case study discusses how an airport expansion could have put its occupant’s health at risk due to poor indoor air quality, had it not been for Steril-Aire’s Ultra-violet germicidal solutions installed within the facility’s HVAC system. Learn how the UV emitters not only helped this New Zealand airport, but how they can help your facility as well!

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