Coronavirus (COVID-19)

UV-C Germicidal Technologies’ Effectiveness Against COVID-19

Ultra-violet (UV) light provides high-energy germicidal solutions against mold, bacteria, viruses and other microbial growth. The use of UV light as a germicidal application within a building’s HVAC system has been an accepted solution and growing in popularity over the past couple decades. The same technology can be used to disinfect hospital/patient rooms and personal protective equipment against COVID-19.

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The Science Behind Steril-Aire: Germicidal UVC Applications for HVAC

Flow Tech, Inc. is proud to represent Steril-Aire, a manufacturer of UVC emitters for germicidal control in HVAC applications. In order to understand how Steril-Aire UVC works, it is important to understand the science behind UVC. Today’s post sheds some light on (no pun intended) on the subject and will make it clear why this technology should be in every hospital and school! Check it out…

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GEM School

Flow Tech Delivers Healthy, Clean, Energy-efficient Space for K-12 Schools

Educational budgets are the largest part of nearly every town’s budget. This is what makes it so important to make our school buildings run efficiently. Today’s post discusses two of Flow Tech’s product offerings that are especially important to the safety and air quality of educational facilities. They are also the products we are showcasing during the 2016 CSBGA Vendor Day…

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