TMI Introduces EZYFit™ Knockdown Solutions

Recently our custom air-handling unit manufacturer, TMI Climate Solutions announced the release of a new offering added to their retrofit parts and services. EZYFit™ Knockdown Solutions are designed and manufactured with the same high-quality enclosure construction and components as TMI’s custom factory-assembled air-handling units. The difference is how they flat pack and ship them for field assembly with detailed instructions and on-site supervision. Thus, saving you time and money on your next commercial air handling project.


Complete Engineered Solutions

EZYFit Knockdown

EZYFIT Knockdown unit completed assembly.


Each EZYFITTM Knockdown Solution is engineered to meet your specific requirements for:

  • Total environmental quality
  • Current or anticipated load
  • Energy-efficient operation
  • Ease of installation and service
  • Long-term dependability


Design Flexibility

TMI Climate Solutions is frequently designed into projects that require specific needs. Knockdown units are carefully configured units built around angles, grades, turns and other complex dimensions. Selecting EZYFITTM Knockdown Solutions will optimize your available space by integrating the existing structural columns, beams, or obstacles into your AHU design. Their lightweight EZYFitTM Knockdown panels and components are easily transported through doorways, hallways, and elevators making for a quick assembly and reduced field costs.


Benefits of Knockdown Construction

EZYFIT Knockdown unit

EZYFIT Knockdown unit packed for shipment


  • All panels and components manufactured in a size, shape, and weight for easy transport in the field.
  • Units delivered flat-packed, shrink wrapped, and clearly labeled for organized installation.
  • Comprehensive and easy to read assembly and installation information with 3D drawings.
  • Field supervision and after assembly testing also available.


Explore TMI’s Other Retrofit Products

Fan Array
The TMI Fan Array design utilizes an integrated network of smaller, standard sized fans; reducing noise, energy consumption, and required footprint.

Fan Array

Fan Array

Backflow Preventer
The TMI Backflow Preventer is always open during normal operation and closes automatically when a fan is turned off. This smooth transition improves each fan’s performance and prevents short-circuiting during maintenance.

Backflow preventer

Backflow Preventer

TMI AIA100 & AIA1000
The TMI AFA or Airflow Advisor Models 100 and 1000 both provide airflow measurements the 100 gives your access to your fan array’s total airflow while the 1000 offer you the Array total as well as individual readings for each fan.

AIA100 & AIA1000

AIA100 & AIA1000

In addition to giving the administrator control over the speed and operation of each fan in the fan array, the TMI FAO or Fan Array Optimizer provides output readings to your building management system (BMS) in relation to total airflow for entire array & each individual fan.




To learn more about TMI Climate Solutions and how we can provide you with their custom air-handling units feel free to visit our website, call us 860.291.8886, or email us! Don’t forget you can always stay up-to-date on the latest product news and industry happenings by following us on social media: Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube!

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