Steril-Aire Ceiling HEPA Pro+

Trap and Remove Airborne Particles with Ceiling HEPA Pro+ System by Steril-Aire

Our manufacturer, Steril-Aire, is known for their industry-leading, ultra-violet germicidal irradiation emitters, however, one of their lesser-known offerings is just as important to improving indoor air quality. The Ceiling HEPA Pro+ system is Steril-Aire’s innovative HEPA air filtration system and has been selected for Flow Tech’s Spring 2022 Pick of the Quarter!

High efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters trap and remove pollen, bacteria, mold, dust, and other airborne particles from the air. Steril-Aire’s HEPA filter is capable of capturing particles from COVID-19 and wildfire smoke, and is delivering an ever-more vital service for companies and buildings as an incremental solution for creating safer environments amidst these threats. HEPA systems are also ideal for schools, assisted living and medical facilities, and other businesses seeking to provide heightened levels of health protection and allergy relief to their occupants.


The below video provides a quick overview of the Steril-Aire’s HEPA Ceiling Pro+, delivered by Flow Tech’s President, Mike Davis.

We love it so much, we’re installing it at Flow Tech!

The Ceiling HEPA Pro+ system, an innovative HEPA air filtration system designed for installation above drop ceilings, delivers a 99.97% HEPA effectiveness as well as a market-leading clean air delivery rate (CADR) per dollar of any installed filtration system.

HEPA Ceiling Pro+ Component Breakdown

Ceiling HEPA Pro components
The components of Steril-Aire’s Ceiling HEPA Pro+ system.

4 Main Benefits

Steril-Aire’s Ceiling HEPA Pro+ system introduces several innovations that stand out from antiquated iterations of the technology. Too often, HEPA solutions available to businesses are noisy, take up significant floor space, and cause pressure drop issues when integrated into an existing HVAC system. The Steril-Aire Ceiling HEPA Pro+ system solves these challenges and provides major benefits, including:

  • Smart design: it’s designed for installation above drop ceilings or open ceilings with an industrial aesthetic, which frees up floor space, protecting the system from tipping over and being damaged in high traffic areas.
  • Independence: it runs independently of HVAC systems to eliminate pressure drop issues, resulting in better air flow.
  • Sound attenuation: the Ceiling HEPA Pro+ minimizes sound for room occupants, an essential component of classroom and conference room settings.
  • Simple install: in just five steps the installation is easy.

How the HEPA Ceiling Pro+ Works

For more information about increasing your level of ventilation filtration within your space with the Steril-Aire Ceiling HEPA Pro+, or to learn more about any of our other indoor air quality solutions, call us at 860.291.886 or visit our website. You can always stay up-to-date on our latest news by following us on social media: FacebookLinkedInTwitter and YouTube.

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