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Twin City Fans Add Longevity – Colchester Water Fan

Maintaining equipment in proper working order is vital to any business, no matter the industry. It becomes especially important when that equipment is responsible for a whole town’s water supply. Today’s post is an account of how a Connecticut town turned to Flow Tech, Inc. to provide them with a solution for their outdated and failing fans.

The Challenge

When the Town of Colchester called Flow Tech looking for a replacement fan, they were in a precarious position. The aeration tank, serving a portion of the town’s public water supply, had been served by two galvanized steel fans for the past couple of decades. Two fans were used to offer a lead-lag scenario, providing a backup fan were one fan to fail. However, the harsh New England weather conditions and chemicals from the aeration tank corroded one of the fans beyond repair. The town needed a replacement, and quickly.

The Solution


Flow Tech visited the site to assess the situation. They worked with the town to provide several options for replacement, including an option for aluminum construction due to its superior corrosion-resistant properties. Even though the aluminum construction proved to be more expensive than standard galvanized steel, the Town decided it was worth the investment.

The Results

The town successfully installed the replacement fan on their own, reusing the existing motor and controls. The new fan was much quieter, and shinier, than its predecessor, as corrosion had caused the fan wheel to come out of balance. In fact, compared to the second, existing galvanized steel fan, the new aluminum Twin City fan was at a whisper. The Town was so pleased with the new application that they ordered a second fan so that both aeration tank fans would be aluminum Twin City fans, ensuring safe, quiet and efficient operation for decades to come.

Flow Tech was happy we were able to provide the town of Colchester with a solution to their failing fan. Together with Twin City Fans we were able fix their problem and keep them set for many years to come. If you have a commercial fan that is on the fritz give us a call, 860.291.8886 and we’ll help you find the best solution.

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