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VELTRON III Redefines Airflow Measurement Reliability & Accuracy

Our airflow measurement and control system manufacturer, Air Monitor Corp. proudly introduced the latest revolution in the HVAC industry – the VELTRON III Pressure & Airflow Transmitter. With this new dual-channel pressure and airflow measurement transmitter we can help our customers with nearly any type of airflow measurement/control application!

Not Your Mama’s Transmitter

AMC has been diligently crafting this innovation to elevate your building’s performance to new heights. The VELTRON III is not your ordinary transmitter. It’s a multifunctional marvel designed for building airflow distribution systems, fan inlet airflow measurement, and room pressurization. Its dual-channel capabilities, combined with precision transducers, redefine the standards of accuracy in modern buildings. Say goodbye to the hassle of periodic re-zeroing, thanks to our revolutionary transducer design.

Features That Define Excellence

  • ±3% of the reading accuracy when combined with AMC sensors
  • Stacked transducers for higher accuracy over a wider turndown
  • Dual channel can be used to measure two points off of a split or separate applications
  • Field characterization for better performance in limited straight run
  • Air density and relative humidity adjustment
  • BACnet and MODBUS Communication

Versatility That Suits Your Needs

Whether you’re working on building airflow measurement or room pressurization, the VELTRON III has you covered. It’s designed to adapt to various applications, making it the ultimate tool for HVAC professionals.

Applications Include Dual Channel or Single Channel Systems

Building Airflow MeasurementRoom Pressurization
Supply Ducted Air FlowFan Discharge Plenum Pressure
Return Ducted Air FlowLarge Duct Pressure
Single of Dual Fan SystemsMultiple Room Pressure Average Sensing
Summation or Subtraction of Air FlowPositive/Negative Space Pressurization*
*Coming Soon

Additional Resources

Ready to experience a new era of precision in HVAC measurement? Contact us today or check out the product page on AMC’s website to learn more about the VELTRON III Pressure & Airflow Transmitter and how it can transform your projects! Stay up-to-date on Flow Tech happenings by following us on social media: FacebookLinkedIn, and YouTube.

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