Virus Containment Solutions

Virus containment is vital to our society. Many factors go into keeping an environment contamination-free, including air filtration, a responsive and effective airflow management system, proper ventilation, microbial control and particle control. Flow Tech is proud to offer the following solutions to help combat the spread of viruses like COVID-19, influenza and many others.

Critical Airflow Control and Management

Without a proper airflow and pressure management system, healthcare facility rooms and floors can become quickly contaminated by COVID-19, and other viruses, spreading from patient and doctors to others outside of the initially infected area. The isolation of the containment area is not only critical for the safety inside but is also important for the area outside. Phoenix Controls venturi valves provide the best and most effective containment solution by reducing air particles in patient rooms and ICU rooms.

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Energy Recovery Wheels

Although helpful in preventing infectious diseases, increasing outside air to a system can cause an increase in load to the system. Energy recovery devices are a great way to decrease the load on the unit by utilizing heat transfer between the exhaust air stream and the outside air stream to reduce the load on the coil.

Another dilution strategy would be to utilize 100% outside air as supply air to the space and exhausting 100% of the air out of that same space. In this situation a Thermowheel energy recovery wheel is the ideal solution to help lower the load on the unit.

Discover how Thermotech Enterprises' thermowheels help with infection disease and airborne transmission prevention.

Negative Pressurization Exhaust Fans

Self-Contained Isolation Units (SCIUs) are commonly used, and often quickly constructed, in the event of a health crisis. Each SCIU requires a fan to negatively pressurize the space. This means, when a door is open to a contaminated room, all the particulates will remain in the room and not spread to “clean” areas. Twin City Fans and Blowers can provide fans for negative pressurization. In addition, they can exhaust contaminated air in a way that prevents it from returning into a building and surrounding locations.

Learn more how Twin City Fans and Blowers negative pressure fans are helping in this pandemic.

Particle Control

The most dangerous viruses are often the smallest and most contagious. SecureAire® uses ACTIVE™ Particle Control technology (PACT) to cause all airborne particles, viruses and bacteria, to attract and bind to each other, making them larger and heavier so they get caught up in the normal airstream and are then returned to air purification cartridges. Luckily, viruses, including the coronavirus, are relatively easy to capture and are retained on the air purification cartridge, removing them from the air and eliminating them as a health threat.

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Room Pressurization Monitoring & Control

Proper pressurization of buildings and indoor spaces is a crucial component required for the management of indoor air quality, maximizing energy efficiency and maintaining occupant health and comfort. Lack of control in regards to pressurization can lead to a host of problems including the spread of contaminated air, infiltration of moisture, cold or hot drafts and doors that are difficult to open or slam shut.

Air Monitor's SENTRY Room Pressurization Monitor & Controller is designed to perform continuous monitoring and control of the differential pressure or rate of airflow between adjacent spaces in patient isolation areas, operating rooms and laboratories to ensure the well being and safety of patients, medical staff, and laboratory personnel.

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Ultra-violet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) Applications

Microbial Control

Most viruses are spread from person-to-person via respiratory droplet nuclei produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes. If droplets are hearty enough to survive a period in the air, they can be spread in a building by the air handling system. Steril-Aire safeguards against airborne viruses with high doses of UVC in the air stream. UV germicidal emitters are installed in air-handling units. The recirculating air in HVAC systems creates redundancy in exposing microorganisms to UVC, ensuring multiple passes so the light energy is effective against large quantities of airborne microorganisms like COVID-19.

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Room & Equipment Sterilization

Ultra-violet (UV) light provides high-energy germicidal solutions against mold, bacteria, viruses and other microbial growth. When administered correctly, UVGI technology is an effective and accepted from of disinfection to sterilize hospital/patient rooms and personal protective equipment. The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), among other organizations, promotes the use of UVGI for this application.

Learn more about protecting yourself and others from the coronavirus with UVGI.

Ventilation Management

You can't manage what you don't measure!

Ventilation management is vitally important. All buildings should be treated as critical environments and Aircuity knows how to do so. A holistic management solution is required to create environments with healthy air for all building occupants. The key is measuring and controlling based on multiple parameters and directing more air when and where needed. Aircuity is the only cost-effective solution that measures, controls and informs for healthy air ventilation management.

Learn why Aircuity is an important factor to all buildings, especially in a post-COVID world.